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MPP, Service Reports and

Annual Certification for Cooling Towers

Regulations now require that documentation relating to the cooling tower be kept on site for a period of three years.  This information must be made immediately available to any DOHMH inspector that comes in to look at the cooling tower system.  NuChem recommends keeping this information neatly organized in a binder and readily accessible if and when an inspection occurs.

Maintenance Program & Plan (MPP) Binder


As of March 1, 2016, both New York City and New York State require all owners to have developed and put into use a Maintenance Program and Plan (MPP) for their cooling towers.  This plan must be based on section 7.2 of the ASHRAE 188-2015 standard.  New York City additionally requires that it also be based on sections 5 and 6 of the same standard.  Inspectors will ask to see your plan on every inspection that is conducted.  Fines are steep if the MPP is found to be non-compliant.


Per the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, DOHMH, at a minimum your plan must contain the following:


  • Team member information and an organization chart

  • Information and risk assessments on the cooling tower system

  • Operation monitoring and maintenance plans

  • Sampling and testing plans for the cooling tower

  • Corrective actions and notification procedures


NuChem is pleased to offer as an additional service the preparation and development of an MPP to keep you in compliance with these rules.  Our MPP package contains not only a finished and detailed MPP and Binder, but also an additional three years support to make sure you stay up-to-date with any changes.



Service Report Binders


All weekly, monthly and quarterly inspections and observations are recorded on NuChem Routine Monitoring Reports.  Copies of these reports are sent to the building owner and/or the authorized designee after each service visit.  In addition to the service reports, the Service Binder must include all documentation relating to tower cleanings, equipment installation, legionella testing and any corrective actions that may have been taken on the cooling tower.  If you need assistance in preparing and maintaining your Service Report Binder, speak with us today. 

Annual Certification


Under the new regulations, an Annual Cooling Tower Certification must be issued at the end of each treatment period (which runs from November 1 – October 31 each year) stating that all required testing and procedures have been completed on your cooling tower and that you are in full compliance.  NuChem is pleased to offer this service as an add-on to our Water Treatment Program.


Call and speak with a NuChem Representative today.  We’re here to

make sure you are in full compliance with all the new regulations.

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