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In addition to the services we provide in the water treatment industry, NuChem also manufactures, markets and sells exclusively our line of NuChem Products through the use of our in-house sales force.  We are well schooled in HACCP and give particular attention to the safety and quality of the products in the markets we serve.  Additionally, we have excellent knowledge in regulatory matters governing the use, handling and disposal of chemical materials.


Are you in need of any cleaning products for your location?  NuChem products, our technology and experience cover a very broad spectrum of applications that includes manufacturing and many commercial and industrial uses.  General purpose, acidic and alkaline cleaners of varying concentrations are formulated and tested to exacting standards for the most demanding application.  We also offer a line of products geared to the Food Processing Industry which are Kosher certified.


What about for your HVAC equipment?  NuChem offers a complete line of water treatment products and services to solve all of your water treatment needs and concerns.  Our NuChem Boiler and Cooling Tower Treatment Products are state-of-the-art and permit the safe efficient operation of the boiler, steam and cooling systems.  Boiler Treatment Products in the maintenance program provide exceptional corrosion and deposit control to help ensure good heat transfer, efficiency and protection of the metal surfaces. Cooling Tower Products are formulated to provide control corrosion, scaling and algae on the tower surfaces.


Additionally, we offer a complete line of industrial cleaning products and specialty products for the utilities and pipe line companies.  Our in-house R&D specialist has extensive experience and knowledge in surfactant chemistry which allows us to manufacture state-of-the-art products to the industries we serve. 


Call and speak with a NuChem Sales Representative today.  We’re here to help you with all your chemical needs.

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