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Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly Testing

of Cooling Towers


Weekly Testing (New York City)

New York City has required that all active cooling towers receive weekly testing and inspections.  This includes both microbial and bacteriological testing.  During our weekly visit, the NuChem technician will test the bulk water in the cooling tower system for concentration levels of our biocide and antiscaling/corrosion additives.  All biocides used onsite are registered with both the EPA and New York State as required under the regulations.  The technician also checks and records the pH levels, bulk water temperatures, biocide and conductivity levels on our Routine Monitoring Weekly Checklist Report.  As part of this service visit, we additionally perform inspections on the

drift eliminators, fill sump, circulation pump lines, fans and any equipment used to deliver our NuChem products to the cooling tower system.


A dip slide test is performed weekly on all active cooling towers to test for the presence of heterotrophic bacteria.  Dip slides are incubated for 48 hours and then analyzed and noted on the weekly report.  Heterotrophic bacteria, HPC, are common and typically found in the bulk water of all cooling towers.  Our goal under the NuChem Water Treatment Program is to keep these levels within the acceptable parameters set out by New York City and State.


Monthly Testing (New York State)


New York State requires all of the above be performed on the cooling tower system but on a monthly testing basis instead of weekly.  We strongly recommend that during the warmer summer months a second service visit be added to better control the chemical levels in the tower.


Quarterly Testing


In addition to the weekly service visit described above, NuChem conducts quarterly inspections on all cooling tower systems as per the New York Regulations.  These quarterly inspections are comprised of the following:


  • Checking the general condition of the cooling tower, basin, packing material and drift eliminator(s)

  • Inspecting the cooling tower and associated equipment for the presence of organic material, biofilm, algae and other visible contaminants

  • Inspecting the water make-up connections and controls

  • Making sure that all dosing equipment (pumps, gauges, etc.) and the conductivity controller are properly functioning

  • Sampling of the bulk water for Legionella testing


Call and speak with a NuChem Representative today.  We’re here to

make sure you are in full compliance with all the new regulations.

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